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Canadian Fire Alarm Association



The Canadian Fire Alarm Association (CFAA) is a member-supported, non-profit association that was established in 1973 to bring together and support the fire alarm industry in Canada. As of today, we have over 400 members and over 3000 registered fire alarm technicians. Our mission is to maximize the effectiveness and use of fire alarm systems in the protection of life and property in Canada.


Our vision for the CFAA is to be recognized nationally as the definitive resource for fire alarm related information, education, qualifications, expertise, and industry support with active chapters throughout Canada. This is most important because a robust fire alarm industry requires a collaborative fire safety community – including skilled technicians, innovative fire alarm systems and modern regulations, codes and standards that keep up with new technology and a changing society. Our mission and vision drive us to work for the benefit and safety of all Canadians.


The CFAA prides itself on three focus areas: education and training, codes and standards, and outreach and communications. The CFAA digital eJournal will serve as an informative and educational resource for all its members and registered technicians.

Advertising with the Canadian Fire Alarm Association

To better serve our members, technicians and industry stake holders, we have embarked on a new communication initiative. We are committed to increase our communication with our community in a more portable, timely and effective manner. Our new eJournal will be published eight times a year and delivered to the audience directly in a digital platform. The new digital web-based publication will be a fully responsive, interactive, engaging, and effective format best for electronic device viewing, including mobile device deployment. Each issue will be available in English and French versions to fully serve the respective communities.


The on-line eJournal will be distributed across Canada to a wide selection of Fire Alarm and Life Safety Industry Associations, Fire Safety & Security Companies, Municipal Offices, Federal & Provincial Government Regulatory Agencies, Fire Chiefs, Authorities Having Jurisdiction, all CFAA Members and all CFAA Registered Technicians.

Image by Carlos Muza

 New Digital Publication Platform 


Distribution Schedule

The CFAA eJournal will be published 8 times in a calendar year. New issues of the eJournal will be released in the months of
January, March, April, June, July, September, October and December.

Engaging Advertising Experience

  • Fully responsive across any device

  • New immersive content capability with interactivity to engage target audience

  • Increased audience engagement, delivered directly up to eight times a year

  • Ability to re-direct audience to advertiser’s web site

  • Ads page performance insights available

  • Your NEW CHANNEL for expanding the reach and impact of your product and service

  • Flexible advertising options

  • Target audience with available English and French versions

Advertising Choices


In-Article Full Column Ad


Stand Alone Full Column Ad


Cover Full Column Ad


Advertorial Ad


Half Column Ad


Static Half Column Ad


Full Column Ad Guidelines

  • Dimensions: 980px wide by 1500px high

  • File Type: JPG or PNG

  • Resolution: 72dpi

  • Hyperlink: available

Half Column Ad Guidelines

  • Dimensions: 640px wide by 500px high

  • File Type: JPG or PNG

  • Resolution: 72dpi

  • Hyperlink: available*

*The Static Half Column Ad does not link out to a website. No hyperlink is required.

Advertorial Guidelines

The Advertorial Ad is a fully customized design. All elements can be customized and supplied as required. Images and video may be supplied for the advertorial. A consultation will be conducted to determine the graphic components and how the advertiser would like to create their ad.



The size of the background image will be adjusted depending on the display size. This adjustment follows a certain algorithm, reducing the image size or scrolling the image. It is not recommended to choose images where the details have to be recognized.

Advertisement Submission Deadlines


*Rate for customer option to advertise with the above ad size in both English & French versions is 2x the single language rate.

To advertise with the CFAA eJournal, please follow the link below to complete an advertisement request. We will be in touch to collaborate with your advertising needs upon receipt of your request.

If you have additional questions or inquiries, please contact Ann Law,

Phone: 905-470-1122

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